Welcome to Karjala Finland

The company “Kaunis Karjala MPR Oy” is providing various wilderness tours and nature activities such as fishing, hunting, rafting, canoeing, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, wild animal watching and photographing, hiking and many other activities in the wilderness, guided by nature professionals. Safely and ecologically. Accommodation and food services provided. Comfortably and deliciously.

Our main operating area is, according to our name “Kaunis Karjala” = “The Beautiful Karelia”, on the both sides of the Finnish/Russian borderline. Except in Finnish and Russia Karelia, we operate also in Finnish, Swedish and Norwegian  Lapland, in Kola PeninsulaSiberia and in the other areas of Russian Federation. The blue sky, sparkling snow in the brilliant sunshine, crystal clear waters, clean nature and silence form the background to unforgettable wilderness tours.

A long with decades of experiences in international business and with Russia, with the local partners, whom we can trust, as well as with language skills, we operate fluently and trustfully in foreign countries and among international customers.

The partnership with other professionals in the region of Finnish Northern Karelia gives the guarantee of a diversified services as well as capacity for providing services for bigger groups, too.

You can choose in the “Beautiful Karelia” the services and conditions according to the size , the wishes and the needs of the group, no matter if you are on a business or on a leisure trip. The customers` wishes, their comfort and security are for us things of honour. Now and always!

Please become acquainted with our example packages below. If you don’t find from those tours the things, which you want, do not hesitate to ask us an offer with your wishes.

The wilderness tours of your life - from the company “Kaunis Karjala”.

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